1 Question that Will Reinvigorate the Heart of Your Business this Season

1 Question that Will Reinvigorate the Heart of Your Business this Season

It’s December. In the construction business, it’s a time where many projects get drawn to a close and everyone takes stock, ready for the New Year. (Of course, in Florida, weather in the winter doesn’t necessarily have an adverse effect on our workload, but the feeling of evaluating before the New Year is certainly still present.)

But it’s also a time for family. When the nights draw in, you’re less likely to be putting every hour under the sun into your business because, well, there’s less sun to be had! So you’ll be spending more time with those already close to you.

And then there’s Christmas…

In the Rossi family, Christmas means huge, family-oriented celebrations. It means Italian-style, home-cooked meals for gatherings up to seventy five people at a time. It means sharing the trials and tribulations of the year with people who care, and people who want you to succeed. To the Rossi dynasty, Christmas is all about family, and it’s all about friends.

On this blog, we usually talk about business. It is, after all, a blog about helping your construction company to thrive. But it’s important that we use holidays and family time to really remind us what all the toil is for. This article is designed to help you achieve that.

What are you building?

When we’re building a business, we’re really building a legacy. Whether that business is a ten year plan, a quick money-making endeavor, or a firm that you want to leave to your children and grandchildren, we’re all building towards something.

At Rossi Consulting, we know that that’s your goal – sometimes before you do. We talk in meetings with our clients about exit strategies and long term goals. A lot of the time, business owners have a vague idea about where they want to be. That’s fine for now, because that’s not really what this article is about.

When you spend Christmas with family and friends, you’re building something. It’s companionship, it’s understanding, and it’s building good emotions and bonding with your loved ones. When you build a company, at a very basic level, you have the same aim.

Staying Motivated

It’s very easy to get in a funk with your work situation. Especially if you’ve taken that rare week off for travel or family time, it’s difficult to pull yourself out of bed and go back to the grind.

That’s why it’s important to take stock during the holiday season. You might have kids. If so, you’ll probably want them to be safe, secure and have a future. That’s what you need to remember once your back at your daily routine. You might want to help your parents out in their retirement. That’s great. Remember the presents that they gave you that made your eyes pop when you were a child? That’s something that can pull you out of bed easily.

The Holidays and other family-oriented quality time provide a whole range of emotions that will inspire you and help you remember what’s important. It’s not all about the bottom line.


For me, this is what I think of during this time of year. And that spirit of building a legacy and providing for others helps me to achieve everything I want and keep that motivation throughout the remainder of the year.


So I ask again, what are you building?


And how can I help you get there?