8 Steps To Ensure You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

At Rossi Consulting, we’re hoping that 2016 brings you more money, freedom and happiness than any other year to date. We know that you have goals for the New Year (don’t we all!), so we’ve devised this list of eight things to help you achieve them.


  1. Start with some “spring cleaning.”

Before you set a New Year’s Resolution, simply wander around your office. Look for things that could be better. Things that annoy you. Things that don’t work like they should. Just make a mental (or written) note. Don’t try and fix things quite yet.


  1. Pick a goal based on Happiness Potential.

The reason we had you do the exercise above is that a worthwhile goal isn’t always immediately clear to us. Things that should be fixed get forgotten, and shiny new objectives detract from what we really need. Pick a goal that will give you the most satisfaction when you achieve it.


  1. Do the hard work in advance.

You want to hit the ground running in January to really make an impact this year. So you need to plan in advance. If you don’t know where to start, schedule a consult.


  1. Hit the ground running!

People get drunk on New Year’s Eve. They party all night, and then make January 1st a lazy day. Don’t follow their example. The phrase, “Start as you mean to go on” is a mantra for a reason. If you start strong, each day thereafter will be easier.


  1. Stay on the Straight and Narrow.

Temptation is one of those things that everyone knows about. Regardless of your personal beliefs about the word, I’m applying it to anything that distracts you from your goal. It’s easy to be tempted off the path; and once you’re off, it’s harder to get back on. Don’t give in, even a little bit because that little bit turns into a big bit when you’re not watching.


  1. Re-evaluate often.

If you achieve your goal by the end of January, clearly you need to set your sights higher. Alternatively, if you need to slow down and tackle your goal step by step, there’s no shame in making that change.


  1. Be honest with yourself.

Whilst you’re re-evaluating, be honest. You are only cheating yourself if fake it. There’s no shame in not achieving quite what you set out to. There’s no shame in saying you need help with something. There’s no shame in adjusting your goals. All of these things give you strength through honesty.


  1. Reward Yourself.

Rewarding yourself is key. If you achieve everything you set out to do that day, then you deserve to treat yourself to something special. This goes for your staff and customers, too. Whatever you goal is, reward those who are helping you to get there.


And, when all else fails, just ask for help!


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