Benefits for your business


Benefits I would be providing

-28 Years of experience in the construction industry

-Built a multimillion dollar remodeling company from $0

-Winner of Remodeling magazines BIG 50

-Successfully developed and initiated systems and processes to effectively run a remodeling business better. Systems set in place of HR, Sales, Purchasing, Payables and Employee Training

-Face to Face consultation

-Over the phone consultation

-On-going monthly consultation/training

-In depth analysis of business issues/problems with report and recommendations

-report 12 things to look for when…………


Have you ever been sick of dealing with the headaches that go along with running a construction company? Have you ever been fed up with the employee problems, lack of sales and failure to collect your money in a timely manner? Have you ever just come up against a problem with your business and not had the answer on how to solve it? Do not worry you are not alone. Through the years I faced many of these same obstacles. Through careful and precise management and understanding of these issues I was able to develop systems and processes to help my business through these trials and allow it to continue to grow into the multi-million dollar business it has become. I was able to develop systems and process for each section of my business. These systems and processes allowed me to easily train employees to follow the same steps with the same results repeated time and time again.


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