What Does Your 2016 Marketing Calendar Look Like?


2016 is going to be a big year for Rossi Consulting. It could be the biggest year for you and your business too. However, you need to start it off in the right way. That means looking ahead and planning.


None of us can tell the future. We don’t know what’s going to come up that might make or break us. But we can control the things we know about. One of those things is marketing. You should have already put together a plan, but if not, here’s our list of tips for what you should be doing for marketing in 2016.


  1. Lead Generation

Your exact business is going to have its unique features, so we can’t give you a cast iron plan here. But ultimately, if you want more business, you’re going to have to get it. You should have some direct lead generation. It might be a call to a prospective client each day. It might be a landing page on your website with ads regularly driving traffic there. It might be that you send out ten emails a week. Whatever it is, make it a part of your weekly efforts.


  1. A Mailing List

We routinely tell our clients that a mailing list is a must have for 21st Century business. You need to keep your customer emails and addresses, and you need to contact them regularly. We recommend at least once a month electronically, and several times a year (up to once a month if you run a newsletter, for example) physically. There’s no better way to ensure that you get feedback, retain customers, and build rapport with potential clients than by having an accurate list and using it.


  1. Social Media

Ask yourself this: Is the world becoming more social media driven or less social media driven? We know the answer, and so do you. Regular social media interaction with your customers is a big to-do for 2016. Something to bear in mind is that social media is fast moving. As a general rule, you need to grab a camera, take some photos and write down everything that’s occurring in your business. Then share it with your social media followers. Social media allows you to have an exponentially more successful business, and all it costs is a little time (it doesn’t have to be yours either, put an intern or the receptionist in charge of this if you need to); just don’t get left behind.


  1. Blogging

Having an information-rich website converts visitors into readers and readers into customers. Your blog can build trust, because people will see your knowledge in action. It builds rapport, as people get a sense of who you are. It also builds authority by showcasing your successes. The average consumer doesn’t know anything about you. You might have twenty years of experience, but unless you talk about it, your potential client will never know. With a blog, they can.


Putting It All Together

There are a million other things we didn’t have space to add to this list. Sales campaigns, cold calling, direct marketing, and many other things deserve a place on the list. But marketing isn’t about doing a million things. It’s about doing a few solid things on a regular basis and finding out what works.


If you could use an efficient strategy planning session with a guy who knows how to market a construction business, set up your appointment today.

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